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Friday, July 01, 2005

Prostate Stimulation: Green Eggs and Ham?


Dear Knight,

My girlfriend and I consider ourselves to be open to sexual experimentation. During one of our role playing sessions (she was raping me), she attempted to put her finger up my ass. I stopped her immediately. She told me that it can be very pleasurable to massage my prostate. I tried to let her continue, but I was so nervous that I couldn’t let her do it. What is the lowdown on prostate stimulation? Am I just being homophobic? How does a person perform proper prostate stimulation?


Faithful Reader


Faithful Reader,

Many men seem to have some hesitation about a finger up the ass. The reasons are probably related to some phobias or taboo. Perhaps there has already been a bad experience with someone who did not know what they were doing. As long as you are with a person you trust, any reason to not at least give it a try are unwarranted or completely ridiculous.

If you enjoy pleasure (and who doesn't), then you owe it to yourself to at least give this a try. If you haven't tried this particular sexual activity, you’re probably missing out. The orgasm you will experience from prostate stimulation will be one of the most intense sensations you have felt.

As for the women, you may have hesitation because you don't know how to do it. Perhaps you too, as with some of the men, have some phobia or find it taboo. If you get pleasure from giving your man pleasure, then this is one thing, if done correctly, which will be very special for both of you (ok, mainly for him, but do unto others).

Here is how to do it.....

First, some background, the prostate measures approximately one and a half inches across, one inch in height and three quarter inches from front to back. The prostate is found about three inches inside the anus, and is situated behind the lower part of the pubic arch and in front of the rectum, and is shaped like a walnut and is of firm consistency.

There are two main ways to stimulate the male prostate, and these are internal and external. In my opinion the internal method is the most satisfying, but it must be done correctly.

For internal stimulation, you must lubricate your finger heavily (water based lubricant) and either use a latex glove or a finger cot (although not entirely necessary, you both may feel more comfortable with finger protection). Make sure that your finger nails have been cut and filed down to insure that the tender rectal tissue does not become torn. After applying the lube, slowly and cautiously insert your finger into his rectum. To relax the area surrounding your finger move inwards and then outwards repeatedly (very slowly), until both you and your partner feel comfortable. Once your finger is full inside, slowly curl your finger, so that your finger is facing the front of the mans body, and gently massage the prostate (see above for location and feel of the prostate).

For external stimulation, apply a degree of pressure to the area found between your partner’s scrotum and anus with your index finger. Simply place your index and middle finger on the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus). Now run your fingers up and down forcefully pressing on this area as you go. Be sure that your fingernails have been trimmed. Move slowly and test different spots while asking your partner which area feels best. Once you've found his pressure point ask him how it feels as you apply more and more pressure. Undoubtedly, you'll be surprised at how much pressure is desired. This intense massage is best when accompanied by other forms of stimulation. With some experience you'll be able to stimulate this area during fellatio and even intercourse. By placing pressure and massaging this area you are still massaging the prostate, but you need not worry about the issues involved with anal play!

Men, you may find that you *do* like green eggs and ham!

James Knight regularly takes questions from his readers on a wide range of topics. If you have a question you’d like to ask, just email him.

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Blogger Deek Deekster said...

that are so funny i was cry

5:54 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

If you haven't tried it, don't knock it. Find the right woman who knows what she is doing, and you'll be thinking about her every 3 seconds during the day!

Deliberate Chaos

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, I always wondered, and never known where to look for htis info that wasn't some dodgy site that I didn't want showing up as having been visited..

never been brave enough to try it, I'm sure my husband will appreciate your blog!! lol

I'll rate you 'useful service'.. lol

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these pointers! I read something about this in one of those glamour mags, but it didn't give this much detail.

Also anyway to get around trimming the nails? Mine are really long. How trimmed do they have to be?

1:21 PM  
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