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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Young Master Furry Britches Stock Picks (Week July 5-8)

Young Master Furry Britches

By James Knight and Young Master Furry Britches (Assassination Press)

(Gainesville, Florida)

Born in the magical and haunting Norwegian Forests, with a thirst for adventure and mayhem, the Young Master Furry Britches quickly made his way out of the Norwegian Forests and into the Land of Opportunity, America. With amazing powers of extra sensory perception, and possessing finely tuned skills of human manipulation, he has both made a fortune in stocks and captured the hearts and minds of all those around him.

Young Master Furry Britches, Norwegian Forest Cat Extraordinaire, picks his weekly stock winners:

1) Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. (SIRI) - Four Meows

Nascent technology which is quickly becoming mainstream. All of the Young Master Furry Britches cars are outfitted with this brand of Satellite Radio. He particularly enjoys listening to Radio Margaritaville, Jam On, Left of Center, Sirius Blues, First Wave, Chill, and The Spectrum. He considers this speculative, but worth the investment. Practically every vehicle being manufactured for North America has the option of Sirius Satellite Radio being installed at the factory or at the dealer (in addition to XM). He predicts this to be a big winner and looks forward to hearing Stern in '06. The Young Master gives this FOUR MEOWS out of five.

2) Yahoo, Inc (YHOO) - Three Meows

The Young Master loves Google, but doesn't like the bloated stock price. He expects that Google bubble to burst soon. If you like Google, the Young Master Furry Britches says you gotta like Yahoo. It's the Young Master's start page for the Internet and he believes it has the infrastructure and people to compete with Google, if not win the war. THREE MEOWS out of five.

3) Analog Devices (ADI) - Three Meows

The Young Master Furry Britches has three cell phones (he's a busy cat), ADI makes all of them work. The Young Master thinks cell phones will soon make IPOD's history. Everyone will want the cell phones that will soon provide all forms of entertainment, multimedia, and personal services. Big future for cell phones, big future for ADI. THREE MEOWS out of five.

4) WebMD Corporation (HLTH) - Three Meows

Once, the Young Master hurt his paw in a fight with the bastard cat down the street (yes, it involved some pussy), he turned to the WebMD health portal for some healing advice. Since then, he's been hooked. He is even trying a new diet he found on WebMD is the only player in the health services field. Most all doctors and insurance companies have been using services and/or software products developed by WebMD for many years now, that will only continue to grow. With all those aging baby boomers who will need more healthcare soon, the doctor's will be turning to WebMD services/products for even more insurance transactions, office management, and pharmacy services. THREE MEOWS out of five.

5) Shell Transport & Trading Co. (SC) - Two Meows

The Young Master hates oil companies. He considers them evil. However, this company is actively developing alternative energy resources (i.e. hydrogen et al). Several deals with leading auto manufacturers are already in place for hydrogen energy. As far as big oil is concerned, if your going to pick an evil corporation to make some money, this one might have some redeeming characteristics and help you sleep a little better at night. TWO MEOWS out of five.

Check back next week to see how the Young Master Furry Britches' previous stock picks are performing and to see who the Young Masters' newest stock winners will be.

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Blogger Josh Kerbel said...

Probably do just as well as the professional apes who pick stocks for a living

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the 3 meow choices.

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