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Monday, January 29, 2007

Hillary 4 Prez

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Dear Friend,

Hillary Clinton has the wisdom and experience that our country needs. I’m supporting her presidential campaign and I hope you'll join me in that support at this crucial moment in the campaign. This is a massive undertaking and she needs our help. This will be an historic campaign, I'm asking you to sign up as a supporter.

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My open letter to Hillary Clinton...


I am very excited about your candidacy. I supported President Clinton from the very beginning to the very end and will do so with your bid for the Presidency. I feel that both you and Bill were a great team in the White House once before, I'm certain that you both can make a huge difference if given another opportunity. With your intelligence and compassion, it gives me great hope for our future. And for you to be leading the nation as the first woman President would be an historical moment that would provide us with more choices in the future (regardless of party affiliation). I hope that you bring Bill on the campaign trail and use him to your advantage whenever possible. We all still love that man, regardless of his flaws. His charisma and your presence will energize the nation. I hope that you expand on your ideas for Universal Health Care. I also hope that you provide some hope for "Universal Education" in our Colleges and Universities. To give every person the opportunity to learn and the opportunity to provide them and their families quality health care will make America stronger and better than ever before.

Warmest Regards,


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