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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pipes, Pipes, and More Pipes

It looks like the people at Yahoo! are starting to create some interesting technology for all of us to play with. They have now introduced a beta service called "Pipes".

This service not only provides a fantastic way to aggregate data of all types, it is a nice introduction to Programming 101.

If you always wanted to create your own program, but were afraid to learn how, this is a nice little introduction to simple and logical programming. Beyond that, it is a very valuable tool that anyone can use for business or pleasure. For Webmasters, it can help create content. For the average person, it can help find content.

One way I use Pipes is to create a "pipe" of my own (or borrow someone else's). Once this is done I subscribe to the RSS feed (or JSON) of that particular "pipe". For personal use, I highly recommend Google's RSS feed reader, aptly named "Google Reader". This is the program that I use to subscribe to all feeds of interest (not just my pipes). Think of "Google Reader" as an "inbox" for the Internet.

Now, go play!


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