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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wacky Wednesday: An Apple A Day...

Over the past few years I've been amazed at all the attachments and gizmo's that are being produced for Apple Ipod's. I think just about every area of the home, even your bathroom, there exists the possibility of adding an Ipod docking station of some sort (Hey, I don't know about you, but I have much more productive bowel movements with my toilet seat docking station).

Now your local doctor will be toting his Ipod to work for a different reason altogether. The Ipod stethoscope is now a reality. Plug and play for your heart....

Perhaps, we will begin to have collector heartbeat recordings of great people in history. What about adding CD/DVD extras featuring the heartbeat of your favorite band member, actor, or actress? I'd definitely be the first in line to buy the Angelina Jolie collector edition.

And what about all that nasty file sharing going on? I don't want somebody downloading my heartbeat with the latest American Idol crap. Which reminds me, I just started a new Myspace account. My band is called "The Heart Murmurs". Perhaps you'd like listening to our remake of "Two Hearts Beat As One"...

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