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Monday, July 18, 2005

Six Feet Under (Remixed)

I made this little mix of George Carlin and the Six Feet Under theme song. Just click on the title of this post to download the MP3 (it's pretty small). Enjoy.

Here is another link to the music. Depending on your setup, it may stream (if possible):

Six Feet Under (Carlin Remix).mp3

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Blogger Johnny Wadd said...

Dude that was great. Carlin is truly one of the originals.
My favorite rant by him is his take on plastic & the environment.

12:58 AM  
Blogger A Knight Without Shining Armor said...

Thanks mic....I'm sure you could do a better job with the mixing (I just downloaded Audacity and spent an hour playing with it). I love Carlin too, anything by him is truly funny, twisted, and a bit true.

BTW, anyone reading this, mic has a really interesting/unique blog (Strip City). It's well written, check it out. The link is on my outgoing "Hit List".

8:38 AM  
Anonymous ezinewriter said...


11:44 AM  
Anonymous ezinewriter said...

I had to come back to comment on something else....
I noticed that you put 'links' to things in your posts. ( That's to help your page rank, isn't it?! )

My, my, my...but you are a clever
genius, lol )

You'd make a great mentor. Check out my latest 'Harry Potter' post/joke.
( )

Kudos and kudos to you! :-)

1:57 PM  
Blogger Rowan said...

That was cool. You should go to NIN's website and download their song Only for their remix challenge kinda thing. You could probably do something really cool with that.

2:19 AM  
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